How to Arrange the Production of Welded Diamond Grinding Blades ?

The production of welded diamond grinding blades involves 9 major steps:

  • raw material mixing
  • mold pressing and forming
  • furnace sintering
  • cutter head inspection
  • high frequency welding cutter head and body
  • overall surface treatment
  • cutter head sharpening
  • bulk sampling inspection
  • Packaging


diamond grinding blades

Step 1 Raw Material Mixing

About making professional laser diamond grinding blades, mixing is to fully mix synthetic diamond powder with various metal powders, because the chemical reaction of different metals will produce alloy substances, which can be used as metal binders to fix the diamond powder in an orderly manner.

Step 2 Mold Pressing and Forming

Mold molding is to put the mixed metal powder into a mold of a specific shape for preliminary shaping to make the basic shape of a cutter head. Different molds can meet the needs of different markets, different applications and different customers.

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Step 3 Furnace Sintering

Furnace sintering refers to putting the preliminary formed cutter head into the sintering furnace for high temperature treatment, so that the metal bond and the diamond powder are more closely bonded, and the stability and life of the cutter head are increased.

binic diamond blades

Step 4 Cutter Head Inspection

The cutter head inspection part is to systematically screen the sintered cutter heads by professional quality inspectors, select qualified cutter heads for the next operation, and classify the unqualified cutter heads.

Step5  High Frequency Welding Cutter Head and Body

The high-frequency welding step is to weld the qualified cutter head to the base body. This step is a key step in determining the quality of the finished product. It requires very professional equipment and experienced staff to operate. Through this step, the production of our laser welding grinder diamond blade is basically completed.

Step 6 Overall Surface Treatment

After that, the finished product is polished and detailed to ensure the aesthetics of the diamond grinding blades. After that, the product is painted and marked to meet the customized requirements of different customers for trademarks and colors.

Step 7 Cutter Head Sharpening

Finally, the finished product is to be sharped. This step makes the diamond particles inside the cutter head fully exposed, which is convenient for end customers to use. BSP- wholesale diamond grinding blade.

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Step 8 Bulk Sampling Inspection

Sampling inspection of bulk goods is an essential part of every professional manufacturer, so as to ensure that the delivered welded angle grinder blade has a pass rate of more than 95%.

Step 9 Packing the Diamond Grinding blades

When all the production processes are over, the final step is packaging. at its most basic level, product packaging is used to safeguard the product within. Packaging must protect the goods throughout transit between the manufacturing plant and the store, as well as protect the product on the shelf. As a result, product packaging must be durable and dependable.

Second, another functional part of product packaging is product promotion and presentation. On the box, there may be product descriptions and operating directions, which this time pleased the consumer.

Final Thoughts

Laser welded diamond grinding blades are widely used in industry and construction operations, especially for the grinding and polishing of non-metal, stone and other building materials, and have been widely praised. The diversity of its cutter heads is also an important factor in the attractiveness of welded diamond circular saw blade. If you want to know more about Laser welded diamond grinding blades, feel free to contact BSP – diamond saw blades factory.


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