Cost Compositions of Diamond Saw Blade

Among all the products of diamond tools, diamond circular saw blades are the varieties with the largest amount and the largest number of production and development units in stone processing. There is diamond saw blade for granite, for marble, for wood, for metal and diamond blade for concrete and so on. Some of the diamond saw blades produced in China have reached the international advanced level. However, there is a big gap in the speed, service life and price of diamond saw blades produced by different diamond saw blades factory. The small saw blade requires good sharpness and the cutting board does not collapse, and the large saw blade requires a thick substrate, stable cutting and moderate life. So, what are the cost factors that affect diamond saw blades?


Cost Compositions of Diamond Saw Blade

The cost of diamond saw blades is mainly composed of these factors:

  • Cutter Head;
  • Matrix;
  • Production Technology;
  • Logo Printing;
  • Packaging;
  • Transportation, Import Tax and Other Factors


Cutter Head

The cutter head refers to the part that the diamond saw blade is used for the main cutting function. Its main raw materials are and synthetic diamond powder and metal powder.

During the cutting process, the cutter head will be continuously consumed during use. The matrix does not. The reason why the cutter head can cut is because it contains diamond. As the hardest substance, diamond rubs and cuts the processed object in the cutter head. The diamond particles are wrapped by metal inside the cutter head. And the normal cutter head is 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

First of all, look at diamonds. Although China’s current synthetic diamond production ranks first in the world, the actual output has exceeded consumption and is in oversupply, but there are still many new factories established. This strong competition must lead to a drop in diamond prices. Secondly, due to the promotion and use of powdered catalysts, the output of diamond has increased and the unit price cost has decreased, which has led to a decline in diamond prices. But the good times are not long.

Since the beginning of this year, the price of the main raw material for diamond production has risen, and the price of WC, the main consuming material of the top hammer, has risen by 2-3 times, and the rise in energy prices. These factors have led to the increase of diamond saw blades. Costs must go up. In general, the price of synthetic diamond diamond will not drop any more, and will rise steadily. As the second cost of diamond bit production: the price of metal powder, which began to rise in 2005, and the rise this year is even more astonishing.

Taking tungsten carbide as an example, the original high-quality WC was RMB80 /kg in 2003, and now it is RMB230 /kg, which has almost tripled. Therefore, the price of metal powder for each Φ1600 cutter head will increase by RMB 20~30, and the original profit per payment of the cutter head is only about RMB50. Therefore, it is an irreversible fact that the price of metal powder increases the cost of diamond bits.

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The matrix refers to the main supporting part of the diamond saw blade connecting the cutter head, and it is mainly divided into 4 kinds of materials: 65Mn, carbon steel, alloy steel and high-speed steel.

Among them, 65Mn spring steel has good elasticity and plasticity, and the material is relatively economical. Carbon tool steel has high carbon content and high thermal conductivity, but when subjected to 200-250 ℃, the hardness and wear resistance of the saw blade drop sharply, the heat treatment deformation is large, the harden ability is poor, and the tempering time is long and easy to crack.

Compared with carbon steel tool steel, alloy tool steel has better heat resistance and wear resistance, and better handling performance. High-speed tool steel has good harden ability, hardness and rigidity, and is small in heat-resistant deformation. It belongs to high-strength steel, and its thermoplastic stability is suitable for manufacturing high-grade ultra-thin saw blades.


Production Technology

In terms of technology, the process of diamond saw blades is mainly divided into three categories:

  • Sintered Diamond Saw Blades;
  • Welded Diamond Saw Blades;
  • Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades;

This three technology, involving high temperature sintering, vacuum welding, high frequency welding, laser welding, electroplating, four major processes. The production process of different types of diamond saw blades is not very different, but the cost of different processes is very big. Normally, we consider it as follows:

Cold Pressed Diamond Saw Blade < Hot Pressed Diamond Saw Blade < High Frequency Welded Diamond Saw Blade < Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blade


Logo Print

When providing customized services to different customers, it usually involves the problem of private brand printing of customers. The cost of different printing methods is also different. The main categories are:

  • Surface Silk Printing;
  • Color Stiker;
  • Laser Mark;
  • UV Printing;

The most common ones are surface silk screen printing technology and laser printing technology. The surface silk screen printing operation is relatively simple. By spraying paint and setting the layout in advance, most of the customer’s requirements can be fulfilled.

Laser printing is the simplest marking method. The logo can be customized by laser engraving. The disadvantage is that it cannot provide color customization.

UV printing is the most convenient method among the three, and it is also the most expensive. Usually, a 125mm diamond saw blade will cost RMB0.2 more if it is used for UV printing. It is very suitable for high-end customers who are not particularly concerned about the price.



In terms of packaging, conventional diamond saw blade packaging includes:

  • White Paper Box;
  • Color Paper Box;
  • Skin Card;
  • Single Blister;
  • Double Blister;
  • Shrink Card;
  • Plastic Bag;

Different markets and customers have different requirements. However, there are the most customers in double blister packaging and color box packaging. The packaging of diamond saw blades is another aspect that shows the comprehensive strength and brand of customers. Each customer has its own design draft and design style. In recent years, due to diamond saw blades The number of distributors and brands of the film is constantly increasing, and every customer spends a lot of thought on the packaging design, trying to show their own style and attract the attention of customers at the first time.


Transportation, Import Tax and Other Aspects

Other factors that affect the import cost of diamond saw blades are transportation and import tax rates. Generally speaking, sea freight is the cheapest of all methods, but due to the peak purchasing season and natural factors, the sea freight fluctuates greatly. The second is the import tax rate. Different countries have different tax rates for diamond saw blades made in China. Since the United States levies anti-dumping duties on Chinese diamond saw blades, there is no cost advantage. Therefore, Chinese diamond saw blades are basically not exported to the United States, but mainly Concentrated in regions such as Europe, South America and the Middle East.



With the development of society and the progress of human beings, the labor cost of European and American countries has been very high, and our country’s labor cost advantage is gradually lost. The search for labor and raw materials with lower cost has become the theme of the development of human society. Chinese diamond saw blades manufacturer still have a long way to go. If you still have question, please contact BSP-diamond grinder blade suppliers.



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