BSP Diamond Tools Manufacturers

BSP tools involved in the manufacture of diamond tools for construction from 2006, we specialize in the manufacture of diamond core drill bits, diamond saw blades, diamond wire saw and diamond grinding wheels. Fully equipped with European automatic machinery and Job-site testing based technology make the company growing 20% every year even in the tough economic situation global-wise. Our Diamond tools have been popular in the USA, UK, Canada, Korea, Russia, and other markets. Stability and customer oriented are in the vein of every BSP people. We are still in pursuit of new design of the diamond tools, new bond system to bring our customer new experience of our products and service. Whether you are acontractor or tools shop owner, BSP tools will be your reliable partner in diamond tools manufacture.

Diamond Saw Blades Manufacturer

concrete saw blades bsptools manufactured

BSPtools manufacture diamond blades for angle grinder, brick and table saw, concrete and asphalt floor saw, stone cutting, wall chaser and other general purposes for construction

Diamond Core Drill Bits Manufacturer

diamond core drill bits and segments

BSPtools manufacture complete range of diamond core drill bits for drilling concrete, asphalt, granite, marble……

diamond segments for core bit retipping

Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturer

BSP tools manufacture provide various kind of grinding and polishing tools for both stone and construction area.

Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer

best diamond wire saw manufacturer

BSPtools manufacture complete range of diamondwire saw for concrete cutting and stone quarrying.

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying
Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Quarrying
Diamond Wire Saw For block dressing
Diamond Wire Saw For block dressing
Diamond Wire Saw For block dressing
Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying