10 Tips to Keep Safe While Cutting

With the rise in construction work being done each month, we are experiencing a healthy industry, keeping trades nice and busy. There is diamond saw blade for grantie, for marble, for wood, for metal and diamond blade for concrete and so on. But with demand there often comes the rush to build as much as you can as fast as possible. But when short cuts are taken safety is sometimes overlooked, and when this happens it can have terrible consequences.


As many tradies use a demo saw, brick saw or angle grinder on the job site, I thought I would go over a few safety tips as a general reminder to help keep you safe.


Keep these 10 things in mind to keep safe while cutting with diamond blade:


  1. Check your diamond cut blade before use, make sure there is no visible damage.
  2. Wear protective clothing such as face masks for dust, protective eyewear for debris, and earmuffs.
  3. Check the diamond blades cutting specifications ( for example, a 5 inch diamond blade) to make sure it is able to handle what you are planning on cutting. If you are dry cutting, make sure your diamond grinder blade has been designed to cope with this. Don’t exceed the maximum operating speed of your diamond blade.
  4. Check the direction arrow on the blade aligns with the rotation direction of the machine’s spindle.
  5. Make sure the blade is mounted on a correct diameter blade shaft (reduction rings can be used to reduce the blade’s bore size where required) between proper blade flanges and is securely tightened.
  6. Don’t operate a saw without proper safety guards in place.


  1. Cut wet whenever possible to keep the blade cool and minimize dust. If you are using dry cut diamond blade with an angle grinder, look at using a vacuum attachment to collect dust.
  2. Allow the blade to cool by turning in air every few minutes, especially when dry cutting. The harder the material being cut, the more often the blade should be allowed to cool.
  3. Don’t force the blade into the material, allow the blade to cut at its own speed. Forcing the blade may cause overheating or blade damage or create a kickback.
  4. Cut with the lower section of the blade, not the top section of the blade.


Safety should always come first. No matter what your time frame is, your team needs to follow basic safety tips for cutting with diamond blades. Diamond cutting is so important to precision construction, so get your team on board with a strong safety training.

Final Thoughts

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