Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blade is one of the most popular diamond cutting tools in construction area. Choosing the right diamond saw blades is essential to the efficiency of your cutting work, whether you’re cutting concrete floor in a buidding in construction or cutting granite countertops in a kitchen. If you want to ensure the quality of your work at a lower cost, trust in diamond blades from BSP tools diamond saw blade manufacturer.
There are two types of diamond blades according to the manufacturing process, Laser welded diamond blades and hot pressed diamond blades.

dry cut diamond blade

Mainly small diameter 115-230mm professional laser welded diamond saw blades for construction market.

diamond saw blades  hot pressed manufactured

It is higher grade sintered blades mainly for stone industry.                                                                                                                           

As a reliable saw blade manufacturer, BSP factory provide Diamond blades such as concrete cutting blades, diamond blades for brick and table saw, floor saw blades for concrete and asphalt, stone cutting blades, wall chaser blades and other general purpose blades.

Angle Grinder Diamond Blades types

General purpose concrete cutting blades used on electric circular saw and angle grinder.
Excellent performance on hard construction material, reinforced concrete, brick, stone.

wall cutting blades

Wall chaser blades wholesale, Wet or dry use with angle grinders, circular saws and tuck pointers.                                                                                                                                                                                           

table saw blades for brick cutting

It is used for brick saw to cut hard brick and tiles, in many case request sandwich blank for lower noise.                                                                                                  

Diamond blade for hand saw

It is also called free hand blade, mainly used in Gasoline saw for some jobsite where the electricity is not available.

Diamond blade for floor saw

We manufacture and wholesale diamond cutting blades for concrete cutting, for circular saw, walk behind concrete saw.

marble and granite cutting blades

If you’re finding stone cutting blades suppliers, Don’t hesitate to contact our expert to get the best blade for cutting granite and marble tile.

Start Your Custom Order for diamond blades

Our untiring efforts in the process of diamond saw blades manufacturing is getting better diamond depth, faster cutting speed and longer lifespan at a competitively price. 

Trust that no matter what your project requires, we’ll have appropriate diamond blades for your project at an affordable price.

For more details on our selection of diamond saw blades, please contact Bsp tools Diamond Manufacturer now.

Custom Items

The diameter of diamond blades are from 100mm to 3000mm.

  • We provide silk printing, laser engraving and labelling to customize diamond blades of your own brand.
  • Special segment size and shape are available according to customer request.
  • We offer wooden case, color box, white box and brown box for the package of bigger size diamond blade. We offer color box, single blister package and double package for smaller size diamond blade
  • Sample can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days.
  • Better tell us the power of your cutting motor/hand held cutting machine/ and RPM request if you have specific cutting request.

Minimum Order Quantity

  • MOQ for OEM customers: 100pcs.
  • MOQ for ODM customers: 200pcs.

  • Cold pressed diamond blade for DIY market from 105 to 230mm
  • 110mm turbo diamond blades for Brazil market
  • 115mm and 230mm segmented diamond blade dry cutting for south Africa market
  • Cold pressed Turbo diamond blade from 105mm to 230mm
  • Continuous rim diamond blade from 110mm to 230mm
  • Hot pressed diamond blade from 105mm to 230mm
  • Fine turbo sintered diamond blade from 105 to 350mm
  • Tiger teeth sintered diamond blade from 105mm-230mm
  • Crack chaser diamond blade from 105mm-230mm
  • Laser welded diamond blade for brick saw from 230mm to 350mm
  • Laser welded diamond blade for table saw from 300mm to 600mm
  • Silent core diamond blade for table saw
  • Free hand diamond blade for gasoline saw from 300mm-400mm
  • Laser welded Cured concrete cutting blades for walk behind saw: 300mm – 600mm
  • Laser welded fresh concrete cutting blades for walk behind saw: 300mm – 600mm
  • Laser welded asphalt cutting blades for walk behind saw: 300mm – 600mm
  • Laser welded wall saw blade from 600mm to 1600mm
  • Diamond blade for marble
  • Diamond blade for granite
  • Diamond sand stone cutting blades
  • Laser welded dry cutting angle grinder diamond blades: 105 mm – 230mm
  • Laser welded wall chaser diamond blade from 105mm-230mm
  • Tuck point diamond blade from 105mm-230mm

After sales service:

We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty

  • Our warehouse people in Dubai and Austria can answer customer call immediately.
  • We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty
  • Spare parts can be sent either from factory in china or warehouse in Dubai and Austria