Effective Way To Cut Circle With A Circular Saw

If you need to cut a perfect circle, a circular saw can be a useful tool to have. However, cutting a circle with a circular saw can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to cut a circle with a circular saw : fast and easy using a diamond saw blade.


What is a diamond saw blade, and why is it useful?

A diamond saw blade is a circular saw blade that is made with a layer of diamond grit on the cutting edge. This type of saw blade is designed to cut through hard materials, such as stone, tile, and concrete. Diamond saw blades are an excellent choice for cutting circles because they can create precise cuts with clean edges.


What tools do you need to cut a circle with a circular saw?

To cut a circle with a circular saw, you will need the following tools:

  • Circular saw: You can use any circular saw that has a depth adjustment feature, but a worm-drive circular saw is the best option for cutting circles.
  • Diamond saw blade: Use a 7-inch diamond saw bladethat has a continuous rim. The continuous rim will provide a smoother cut and minimize the chance of chipping.
  • Compass or trammel: A compass or trammel is a tool used to draw circles. You can make your own trammel by attaching a pencil to a piece of wood.
  • Clamps:Use clamps to secure the workpiece to the work surface. This will prevent the workpiece from moving during the cut.
  • Safety equipment:Always wear eye protection and a dust mask when cutting with a circular saw.


How do you set up the circular saw for cutting a circle?

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools, follow these steps to set up the circular saw for cutting a circle:

  1. Choose the right blade:Install the 7-inch diamond saw blade onto the circular saw. Make sure the blade is tightened securely onto the saw.
  2. Adjust the depth:Set the depth of the saw to slightly deeper than the thickness of the material you are cutting.
  3. Mark the center:Use a pencil and a ruler to mark the center of the circle on the workpiece. This will be the point where the saw blade will pivot.
  4. Attach the trammel:Attach the trammel to the circular saw. To do this, attach one end of the trammel to the saw’s base plate and the other end to the pencil. Adjust the distance between the pencil and the base plate to the radius of the circle you want to cut.
  5. Test the setup:Before cutting the circle, make a test cut on a scrap piece of material to make sure the setup is correct.


How do you cut the circle with a circular saw?

Once the saw is set up correctly, follow these steps to cut the circle:

  1. Secure the workpiece:Secure the workpiece to the work surface using clamps.
  2. Make the starting cut:Align the saw blade with the center mark of the circle and turn on the saw. Make a shallow cut into the material to create a starting point for the saw blade.
  3. Pivot the saw: Pivot the saw around the center mark of the circle while keeping the blade aligned with the starting cut. Move the saw in a clockwise direction if you are right-handed and counterclockwise if you are left-handed.
  4. Follow the line:Continue cutting along the line until you complete the circle. Take your time and keep the saw blade aligned with the line. Do not force the saw blade through the material. Let the saw blade do the work.
  5. Sand the edge:Once you have cut the circle, use sandpaper to smooth the edge of the cut. This will remove any rough spots and ensure a clean, finished look.
  6. Clean up: After cutting, remove the clamps and clean up any debris and sawdust from the work area.


Tips for cutting a circle with a circular saw

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when cutting a circle with a circular saw:

  • Take your time:Cutting a circle with a circular saw requires precision and patience. Rushing the process can result in an uneven cut or damage to the material.
  • Keep the saw blade cool:Diamond saw blades can get hot during use. To prevent the blade from overheating and becoming damaged, take breaks during the cut to let the blade cool down.
  • Use the right saw blade for the material:Diamond saw blades are designed for cutting hard materials. If you need to cut a circle in a softer material, such as wood, use a circular saw blade designed for that material.
  • Choose the right saw for the job:While any circular saw can be used to cut circles, a worm-drive circular saw is the best choice for this type of cut. The weight and design of the saw make it easier to pivot around the center point of the circle.

Practice on scrap material: Before cutting the circle on your final workpiece, practice on a scrap piece of material to get a feel for the saw and the trammel.



Cutting a circle with a circular saw is a useful skill for any DIY enthusiast or woodworker. With the right tools and technique, it’s possible to create a precise and clean cut that looks professional. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can learn how to cut a circle with a circular saw using a diamond saw blade. Remember to take your time, choose the right saw blade for the material, and always wear safety equipment when using power tools. Happy cutting!


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