How To Identify The Quality Of Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool used to cut and grind very hard, dense materials. There are different applications of diamond saw, some are blade for cutting granite, some are grinder blades for concrete. Some people should not know how to distinguish the quality of diamond cutting disc, so today we will discuss this issue. first of all, The quality of diamond saw blades depends on the grade of diamond particles. The grade and content of diamond particles largely determine the cutting effect. Because there are good and bad diamond particles, there are obvious differences in quality.


The Diamond Blades Of Poor Quality Will Have The Following Situations During Use:

  1. Matrix hardness is not enough. Whether the hardness of the substrate meets the standard directly affects the quality of the saw blade.
  2. Shaking when cutting, uneven cutting.
  3. During use, the cutter head is burned and the teeth are broken.
  4. Too many sparks when cutting, burnt segment. This situation may hurt yourself.

What Are The Characteristics Of High-Quality Diamond Saw Blades?

1. Faster cutting speed

Excellent cutting efficiency is also a reflection of the quality of diamond blade circular saw . For example, this Mesh turbo diamond blade is for use on electric diamond hand saw, marble machine and angle grinder. Using hot pressing process, suitable for very professional cutting requirements, comfort while working, high cutting performance, long lifespan.


2. Longer life span

In the process of using multi tool diamond blade, long cutting life is also very important. If you buy a diamond blade with a long life, and the cutting performance and price are also suitable. Show that you are good at choosing.

3. Smooth lines when cutting.

The edges after cutting are also very neat and beautiful. A comfortable cutting experience can improve our work efficiency.

4. Sharpness

Sharpness is the most important indicator of a high quality diamond blades .

5. Comfort while working

A good cutting experience can increase our work efficiency, so it is also a reflection of the quality of the product.

For a good diamond grinder blade, in addition to the cutting speed, cutting the edges of the cutting object neatly is also a criterion for judging whether the saw blade is of high quality. The speed and wear resistance of a product during the cutting process are important indicators for judging the quality of a product. Although speed and wear resistance cannot have both, there is always a balance point.


The above is today’s answer. Hope this article can help you know more about diamond disc. If you want to know more about diamond cut blade products, you can contact us BSP TOOLS – stone cutting blades suppliers and diamond saw blades factory. We are the professional manufacturer of diamond tools for more than 20 years.


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