How to Extend the Life of the Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond blade, whatever the type you have, can be pretty sturdy and durable because of its natural composition. With this type of blade, pieces of diamonds are infused with the blade that can cut over a wide range of materials precisely and sharply. However, you must still take care of your diamond blade since it is still vulnerable to damages due to numerous reasons. The following are four tips on how to extend the life of the diamond saw blade.

  1. Always use the suitableblade
  2. Always sharpen your blade
  3. Avoid overheating the blade
  4. Don’t overuse your blade

TIP 1  Always Use the Suitable Blade

Diamond blades have numerous variations like segmented blade, continuous rim diamond saw blade, and turbo diamond saw blade. Although all of them are diamond blades, the materials that they can cut are different from one another. Some are blade for cutting granite, some are grinder blades for concrete. Even the cutting technique is different. Some of them can be used as dry cut diamond blade, while some are for wet cutting. So, before you cut a material, see to it that you are using the appropriate blade and apply its recommended cutting technique.

TIP 2  Always Sharpen Your Blade

To make every cutting process count, you must maintain the sharpness of your diamond blade. Remember that the sharper your blade is, the easier it can cut the material involved. With the ease of cutting process, it helps prolong the life of your dimond tools and relieves any stress on your saw’s engine.

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TIP 3  Avoid Overheating the Blade

The construction of diamond blades come from the use of heat. Thus, the heat itself can be a problem for the blade when used for too long. If you are dry cutting, there is a high chance that your diamond blade may run into the overheating problem. If you continuously use your blade without any rest, it will wear your blade down. One tip for you is to let your diamond blade cool first at regular intervals. Do this by letting the blade free-spin and cool down for a few minutes before cutting a material again.

TIP 4  Don’t Overuse Your Blade

The sturdiness of your diamond grinder blade is not a good reason for you to abuse its properties. Even if they can cut some materials at an appropriate procedure and cutting technique, they need to be used accordingly. Forcing your blade to the material prevents the diamonds on it to cut. As a result, this force causes damage to your blade and the material as well.

As long as you take care of your diamond blades, you can expect to use them for a longer time. If you want to know more about diamond cut blade products, you can contact us BSP TOOLS – stone cutting blades suppliers and diamond saw blades factory.


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