How Do Diamond Saw Blades Cut Concrete?

As we drove along the road, we could sometimes see pavement builders cutting through the cement that had just been built with diamond saw blades.


We all know that cutting concrete is difficult, however, when you use the right tools like grinding wheels for concrete , take the right safety precautions, and use the right techniques — you’ll find it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

1. What Blades Do You Need To Cut Concrete With?

Diamond blade for circular saw is the best choice for cutting concrete.

Diamond blades will not only change the way you cut all kinds of materials. They may change the way you think about a full cut. That’s because they don’t actually cut in the way a traditional saw blade would cut. Diamond blades work by creating friction, providing different types of cuts depending on your different needs.

 2. Type Of Diamond Saw Blade For Cutting Concrete

1)Diamond Segmented Blade

As you might have guessed, dry cutting blades do not require water as a coolant or dust repellent. Instead, they feature heat-resistant segmented welds that eliminate any H2O temperature control.

That is, they still end up overheating and creating dust. Therefore, they are commonly used for cutting short concrete projects.

2)Diamond Continuous Blade

Water-cooled, these cutting edges are ideal for long-term projects that require deep cutting with high-horsepower tools i.e. where temperatures are likely to be high. In addition, water traps dust — reducing the number of air pollutants that can be harmful to the respiratory tract.


3. Why Can It Be Used To Cut Concrete

1) Speed

Diamond saw blades are very efficient because they can quickly create precise cuts. There are many designs and models of diamond saw blades to choose from. Each model has the advantage of getting the job done quickly while still remaining accurate.

For example, some turbine blades have continuous outer edges and serrated edges. This allows the diamond blade to maintain high speeds and produce precise cuts.

2) Durability

Durability is the outstanding feature of diamond saw blades. They are incredibly durable compared to other blades because they have a round steel disc with multiple sections on their outer edge.

These parts are mixtures of diamond and metal binder powders that melt under high temperatures and pressures. This helps to improve the service life and durability of diamond saw blades.

Also, because diamonds are naturally the strongest substance on Earth, they can last for years without losing their properties. Because of this, diamond blades are also cost-effective concrete cutting tools.

3) Precision Cutting

As mentioned earlier, diamond saw blades can produce incredibly precise cuts. One reason is that diamond saw blades don’t vibrate very much, which means the tool can position the blade in the exact position.

In addition to precise cutting, diamond saw blades can also produce smooth cuts due to the high-performance capabilities of diamond. Smooth cutting means that the concrete structure is less strained than when using other concrete cutting blades.

In addition, low vibration is another factor that prevents an increase in concrete strain during concrete cutting.

4) Comfort Level

Diamond saw blades are very comfortable. Not only can you cut without creating too much debris and breakage, but the blades make much less noise than other concrete cutting blades. In addition, the diamond saw blade removes excess slurry and reduces dust generated during the cutting process. With this, the diamond saw blade is definitely a more comfortable choice to use.


4. Precautions For Concrete Cutting

  • Use a circular saw designed for cutting concrete.
  • Wear safety equipment.
  • Don’t force the blade.
  • Please use water on the blade.
  • Do not cut through load-bearing concrete lintels or walls.
  • Do not use the saw continuously for more than 45 seconds – remove from the concrete and run free to cool.
  • Do not attempt to cut concrete with internal rebar.
  • Do not bend or twist the edge of the saw blade when cutting.


Diamond saw blade is the best choice for concrete cutting industry.

In terms of concrete cutting, choose BSP TOOLS who wholesale saw blades if you need to perform concrete cutting safely and reliably, whether for commercial or residential purposes. We have over 20 years of experience in providing quality concrete-cutting services in more than 150 countries around the world. Our experience is your guarantee!




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