Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforced Concrete

Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforced concrete

The main cutting materials are concrete, reinforced concrete, steels, widely be used for cutting and dismantle of building, road, bridge etc..

Remark: Other specification are available upon customers’ requirements.

Model NoSpecification
beads/mFixed byCutting MaterialLine speed
Cutting speed
Normally Concrete20-30m/s2-5m²/h3-8m²/m
RC110Reinforced Concrete20-25m/s1-2m²/h1-3m²/m
RC105Hard Marble20-25m/s0.5-1.5m²/h0.5-1.5m²/m

Start Your Custom Order for diamond wire saw for reinforcement concrete

BSP diamond core drill manufacture produce different wire saw for construction market. Diamond wire to cut big concrete block, Diameter of  bead from 10.5mm to 11mm

  • Cutting of building like houses, bridges, dam big post, cement pipes.
  • Cutting under water buildings
  • Efficient dry cutting of reinforced concrete
  • Cutting steel structure
  • Diameter of bead from 10.5mm to 11mm, 40 bead per meter
  • Normal wet cutting: wire speed 22-25m/s, cutting speed 0.5-3㎡/h, life is 0.8-4㎡/m.
  • Dry cutting: wire speed 18-25m/s, cutting speed 0.6-1.5㎡/h, life is 0.6-2㎡/m.
  • Under water cutting: wire speed 15-20m/s, cutting speed 0.6-2㎡/h, life is 0.6-2㎡/m.
  • Cutting steel structure: wire speed 15-25m/s, cutting speed 0.03-0.1㎡/h, life is 0.2-0.5㎡/m.
  • Sintered bead diameter 11mm, working layer height H6.4/H6.0, support length 11mm.
  • Sintered bead diameter 10.5mm, working layer height H6.4/H5.8, support length 10.5mm.
  • Electroplated double layer diamond: 10.5mm, working layer height H6.2, support length 10mm.
  • Sample can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days.
  • Better tell us the power of your wire cutting motor and RPM request
  • Other specifications are available according to customer request..

After sales service:

We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty

  • Our warehouse people in Dubai and Austria can answer customer call immediately.
  • We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty
  • Spare parts can be sent either from factory in china or warehouse in Dubai and Austria