Diamond Saw Blade for Building Stone

Diamond circular saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory materials, masonry, and ceramics. More and more industries use diamond saw blades in the production process. With the integration and subdivision of the industry, the types of diamond saw blades are becoming more and more refined. Machining quality depends not only on the skills of the workers, but also on choosing the right diamond saw blade.

Diamond Saw Blades Manufacturer

Segmented diamond saw blades, continuous rim diamond saw blades and turbo diamond saw blades are all general-purpose using diamond saw blades. They can already handle most cutting needs, but the cutting results are also average and not excellent.

With the development of technology, people have made different diamond saw blades according to the characteristics of the stone. Here I would like to introduce to you two diamond saw blades with very good cutting performance and cutting speed.

1. Super thin fine turbo diamond saw blade for porcelain tile.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade for General Purpose

This saw blade is specially designed for ceramic tiles, the thickness of 1.2mm makes it very sharp and can cut the tile quickly without damaging it. And it also has good cutting performance and cutting speed for marble and granite.


2. Super turbo diamond cutting disc with cooling holes.


The super turbo wave design diamond cutting blade with its added strength to the body of the blade helps move dust build up from the job to create a smooth clean cut.

The specially designed cooling hole enables the saw blade to lower the temperature during work, so as to obtain better working performance. Better finish for cutting hard building stone, like marble, granite and ceramic. It is specially designed diamond blade for marble and granite.

Final Thoughts

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