Diamond Saw Blade

A saw blade is a widely wide-spread term for a thin, circular cutting tool used to cut solid fabric. Saw blade can be divided into: diamond saw blade for stone cutting; excessive-velocity -metallic saw blades for reducing metallic materials; tough alloy saw blades for reducing solid wooden, fixtures, artificial panel, aluminum alloy, plastic, and many others.

Diamond saw blade is specifically composed of two parts: Matrix is the primary aid part of the bonding tool head. And the head is inside the system of the use of the cutting component, the head can be in use and constantly consumed, and the matrix will no longer. The head works because it contains diamonds. Diamond, as the toughest material at present, it exists in the head of the tool , rubs and cuts the item being machined.

Followings Are The Category Of Saw Blades

Segmented Blade

The segmented blade has a fast reducing velocity and is suitable for dry and wet cutting.

Continuous Rim Blade

It is commonly made by using sintering technique. Bronze binder is commonly used as the basic tire cloth. Water have to be delivered in the course of cutting to ensure the cutting impact.

Turbo Blade 

It blended with the advantages of the first saw blades, the turbo blade gift a turbine shaped uniform concave and convex, improving the cutting velocity and increasing the service life.

Next is the classification of manufacturing processes. Sintered diamond saw blade is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing, both of which are pressed and sintered. Sintered saw blade due to the limitations of the process, the specification range of the saw blade is 100mm-400mm. Welding diamond saw blade is divided into high-frequency welding and laser welding. High-frequency welding welds the cutter head and the matrix together through high temperature melting medium, and laser welding melts the contact edge of the cutter head and the matrix through high temperature laser beam to form metallurgical combination.



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