The Difference Between Asphalt Diamond Blade & Concrete Saw Diamond Blade

One of the most common questions us as salesmen get is, “What is the difference between diamond band saw blade for stone…specifically the difference between concrete and asphalt flush cut diamond blade?”

Today, in the construction industry as well as road and road construction, sometimes in various projects and construction operations, asphalt, concrete and other heavy solids are needed.

Difference In The Bond

The bond is the metals that hold the diamonds in place. The bond consists of metal powder. The powder can be a mixture of a variety of metals such as cobalt, tungsten, nickel, and copper. Asphalt is softer then concrete so the metals that are used in the bond are the harder metals (cobalt & tungsten) For concrete grinder diamond blade the bond consists of softer metals (nickel & copper)

Difference In The Design

Another difference between the design of diamond asphalt cutting blade vs diamond concrete saw blades is the core. Asphalt saw blade have a segment that will go further into the core, either a drop segment, wedge segment, radial segment, or tungsten or carbide kickers. The reason for this is because asphalt is more abrasive then concrete. Without the added features, your concrete grinder diamond blade will undercut and thin out, because of the abrasive compounds grinding on the 14 inch diamond concrete blade during cutting.

Therefore, according to what has been said about the difference between each of the asphalt blade and best 14 inch diamond blade for concrete was clearly determined, so if you intend to buy and use an saw blade for asphalt and concrete cutter; by considering each of these aspects, you can buy the most suitable device to meet your needs and make good use of its existence in necessary cases.


Before buying circular saw asphalt blade and 18 diamond concrete saw blade, you must pay attention to the material, quality and efficiency of asphalt and concrete diamond professionals blades, as well as your needs, in order to have a worthy choice in front of you.

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