How To Select The Best Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel?

With the continuous development of grinding processing in the direction of high quality, high precision, high efficiency, and automation, the role of best diamond cup grinding wheel is becoming increasingly apparent. diamond cutting blade for angle grinder is primarily intended for surface grinding of refractory materials. The product has a particularly designed conical mounting hole structure that makes it simple to load and unload. Best diamond cup grinding wheel has a high grinding efficiency, outstanding processing flatness, and a long life advantage.

The Application Of Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

The best diamond cup grinding wheel is made by welding or cold pressing the diamond bit on the metal substrate; The diamond cutter head is made of artificial industrial diamond and other metal powders, cold-pressed and hot-pressed and sintered, and then welded to the bowl-shaped metal substrate. Diamond grinding cup wheels are available in different types and sizes to meet different application needs. They are usually installed on concrete grinding machines to concrete diamond grinder, diamond grinding wheel for granite, marble and other stones, as well as paint, glue, epoxy and other ground coatings.

Advantages Of Diamond Concrete Grinding Wheels

  1. Diamond turbo cup wheel has high grinding efficiency.
  2. Diamond turbo cup wheel has high wear resistance: the grinding cup wheel has high wear resistance and low consumption of abrasive particles, especially when grinding very hard and brittle workpieces.
  3. Pcd grinding wheelhas small grinding force and low grinding temperature
  4. The workpieces ground by the diamond grinding wheel for angle grinderhave high precision, good surface quality and good shape retention of the workpiece.

Diamond cutter heads have different matrix, different particle size and different diamond concentration; matrix can be divided into hard, medium, soft, etc.; particle size is divided into coarse, medium, fine, etc.; so their quality and use are different. When we choose a 9 inch diamond cup wheel, we can choose the appropriate 9 inch diamond grinding wheel according to our own use; for example, when we are grinding hard ground, we should choose a soft carcass diamond grinding wheel for carbide tools; if it is a relatively soft ground, we can choose a relatively hard carcass.

The metal bond 6 diamond grinding wheel has long service life and low wear on abrasive particles, so that the diamond dresser for grinding wheel can give full play to its strong wear resistance and cutting ability in high-speed and ultra-high-speed high-efficiency high-precision grinding, especially in hard, brittle and difficult machining. The material shows its obvious advantages and is widely used.


The above is the basic information of diamond cut grinding wheel. If you have better opinions or other questions, please contact the professional diamond manufacturer BSP diamond cut grinding wheel supplier.


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