Packaging Solutions of Diamond Saw Blade

Among all the products of diamond tools, diamond circular saw blades are the varieties with the largest amount and the largest number of production. What is a diamond saw blade used for? There is diamond saw blade for granite, for marble, for wood, for metal and diamond blade for concrete and so on. A professional and exquisite packaging of diamond saw blade is an essential or even vital part of our marketing process whatever distribution or retail. Sometime, a novel or exquisite packaging may be one of the important factors contributing to the surge in sales. Here I will introduce some BSP’s packaging in detail:

  • color box
  • single blister
  • double blister, etc.

Color box packaging of diamond saw blade

It is the most common saw blade packaging, its cost is much lower than other. If your market has high requirements on environmental protection, recycling and other related regulations, or your company has always been “green”, this package is your first choice.The package is suitable for almost all sizes from 4inch(100) to 16inch(400mm). As far as our experience is concerned Packing 3 is the most popular in Europe. The packaging of many famous brands is like this. Since this kind of packaging is semi-enclosed, the empty part can help to better display the cutting saw blade and highlight the details of the segment, which is more conducive to sales.

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Double blister

It is one of the more common packaging. But it usually applies to sizes from 4inch(100mm) to 9inch(230mm). Most commonly use in South American markets (Medium and high grade products), a small portion of central and Eastern European markets. Generally speaking, the cost of this packaging method is relatively high. First of all, because it is blister, it is relatively strong, and the package is not easy to be damaged due to transportation and other reasons. Second, it will be completely wrapped saw blade, can effectively isolate the water, greatly avoid the problem of rust caused by too wet saw blade. BSP- wholesale diamond blade.


Single blister/skin card

This kind of packaging is very common in South American market( like Brazil) and Southeast Asian market( like India). The packaging cost is similar to the color box, which is relatively low. Similarly, it is also effective against moisture and rust because of closed packaging. Besides, this kind of packing is also suitable for making sets: 3 Pack set or dry set diamond circular Saw Blade Set, this assorted pack includes the three popular diamond blade designs. A set satisfies multiple usage scenarios. There are two kinds of packing: Double Blister or single Blister. At present this set only meets the 115 and 125mm specifications.


In general, all packaging design is to meet better sales, the right market to choose the right way of packaging, can not only bring you good sales, but also allow you to avoid additional cost increase. If you have questions, please contact us for more suitable packaging advice. BSP TOOLS – stone cutting blades suppliers and diamond saw blades factory.


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