Diamond Saw Blades Manufacturing Process

The world diamond saw blade market can be roughly divided into two series: professional market and DIY market. Laser welded diamond blade is the main type of diamond blades in professional market, and the customers is form stone manufacturers and large engineering and construction groups.  Laser welded diamond blade of BSPtools has the advantages of good welding quality, small welding seam, narrow laser beam focusing area, and precise effect on the interface between the steel core and segment. So we BSP TOOLS laser welded diamond blade have the advantage of there is no distortion of the steel core after laser welding, and the welding speed is fast.

Our BSP TOOLS Laser welded diamond blade production process:
1.Test every batch of powder supplied by the manufacturer, and it can be used only after meeting the requirements.
2.Mix different proportions of powder(Iron powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, copper powder…) evenly. And granulate them into a small particles.

3.Put the powder and diamonds into the automatic cold press machine. Cold press the powder into different segment shape according to the mould
4.Hot press sintering the segment by the full automatic sintering machine, which we BSP TOOLS buy from Arga fabes italy.
5.We weld our segment in to the steel core to make the complete blade, could laser welded blades form dia115 to dia2000mm. Pay attention to the following matters during the laser welding process

a. Select the focal length to ensure that the laser energy is concentrated at the weld
b. Adjust welding power and speed, the two must match each other.

6.The blade is edged, and both the side and the edge of the saw blade need to be edged.
7.The post-processing of the saw blade steel core is mainly to polish the steel core and spray paint to prevent rust in the future.
8.According to the customer’s request, mark the direction of use according to the direction of the cutting edge
9.After all the inspections are qualified then packed into the warehouse.

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