Can I Cut Concrete With a Diamond Saw Blade?

Laser welding diamond blade circular saw are mainly used for industrial-grade granite, asphalt and reinforced diamond saw blades concrete cutting operations. They can take into account cutting speed and service life, and are common consumables for many engineering and construction projects.

diamond saw blade

Granite Laser Welding Diamond Saw Blade

Granite has a hard and dense texture, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption, and its beautiful color can be preserved for more than a hundred years. It is a good material for construction. In countries such as Russia and Eastern Europe, a large number of laser welding blade for cutting granite and construction work. In addition to the conventional segmented diamond saw blade, many granite cutting saw blade with different shapes are also produced to reduce the noise generated during cutting operations. Meet the requirements of different customers.

Concrete Laser Welding Diamond Saw Blade

Reinforced concrete refers to a composite material formed by adding steel bars, steel mesh, steel plates or fibers to concrete. The two work together to improve the mechanical properties of concrete with insufficient tensile strength. It is one of the most common forms of concrete reinforcement. Usually we use grinder blades for concrete, which can effectively alleviate the wear and damage of the cutter head due to steel bars. The laser-welded concrete saw diamond blade head has high stability and can ensure that workers use Comfort and work efficiency.

Asphalt Laser Welding Diamond Saw Blade

Asphalt is a natural or artificially produced engineering material. It is mainly composed of asphalt binder and graded aggregate. Mainly used in pavement laying and reinforcement of road engineering, floor covering in high-rise buildings, and sealing material in water conservancy projects. Usually, the laser welding high quality diamond blades with U-shaped teeth has a very good effect on this material, which will increase the mouthguard to improve the heat dissipation performance and chip removal of the product, so as to improve the overall life.



To sum up, welded multi tool diamond blades are widely used, and play an indispensable role in the industrial field, especially in construction projects. So, choosing the right diamond cutting disc and blade cutting machine can often achieve a multiplier effect for user. If you want to know more about diamond cut blade products, you can contact us BSP TOOLS – stone cutting blades suppliers and diamond saw blades factory.


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