Can Diamond Saw Blade Cut Metal?

Cutting metal is an indispensable part of the whole manufacturing industry or engineering design. When it comes to cutting metal, most people immediately think of cutting disc. There is no doubt that abrasives cutting discs can cut a variety of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, angle iron, steel and so on. In addition diamond saw blade can also cut metal

Diamond saw blade can cut metal

But wear speed of abrasives cutting disc is very fast, with the use of time increases, the diameter of the disc will continue to shrink, soon scrapped, and its cutting speed is also very slow. So here we recommend using a diamond saw blade to cut metal. Can a diamond blade cut metal? Beyond question, saw blades can cut metal, or even better, this is Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade.



Advantages and disadvantages of diamond for cutting metal

  1. Diamond has the highest hardness, wear resistance, the best thermal conductivity and other excellent properties, so it is the best material for manufacturing cutting tools.
  2. However, because it is hard and brittle, it is difficult to use as a tool alone. It must be connected with other materials with better toughness. We often use the vacuum welding process to maximize its performance.



Application of vacuum brazed diamond saw blade

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade is designed to cut structural steel, sheet metal, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals or rebar etc. In addition, it can also be applied to reinforced concrete, PVC, refractory materials, ceramics, glass and other hard or brittle material cutting. However, please note that vacuum brazed diamond saw blades are generally not recommended for low hardness materials, such as aluminum alloy, copper, plastic, which will make the cutting effect is not ideal.



One diamond saw blade= 60 pcs abrasives cutting disc, work more efficiently

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade has a longer service life, more durable than the general abrasives cutting disc, so if you choose this saw blade, you do not need to change the cutting disc frequently. In general, one piece professional vacuum brazed diamond saw blade can be equal to 60 pieces of abrasives disc. It can therefore be sustainable operation, greatly reduce the processing time interval which will make your work more efficient.




More environmentally friendly to use it instead of the cutting disc

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade sharpness is very good, can fast cut with less sparks than abrasive cutting disc. Therefore, the whole process of cutting, less dust, more environmental protection. And when run out of diamonds to work with, all that’s left is steel core, which can be recycled as metal.


More safer, suitable for high-speed or high-power machines

It is more safer to use vacuum brazed diamond saw blade to cut metal. Under the premise of correct using of the blade, there will be basically no such situation as flying out or breakage of abrasives disc. Because the steel core of the saw blade is usually made of 65Mn material, it has high hardness, the steel core is not easy to break and is not easy to deformation, the impact resistance is strong. It can adapt to automation or high power and high speed equipment, like use with high speed handheld saws, table saws or chop saws etc.


Five Tips on Using the Vacuum Diamond Saw Blade

  1. Make sure you wear proper safety equipment.(PPE).
  2. Choose the right blade size to match the material.
  3. Suitable matching machine is the best choice for cutting metal.
  4. Please protect the product before and after use,so can be reused later
  5. Choose the technique for quality results.

If you want to try to promote this diamond saw blade in your market, we will give the most professional product and marketing advice.


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