How To Use Angle Grinder Diamond Saw Blades?

The diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, stone, and ceramics. The working principle is that the angle grinderdiamond circular saw blade is clamped on the saw machine, and the granite and marble are cut into plates by the high-speed rotation of the high quality diamond multi tool blades and the diamond particles evenly distributed on the saw blade head. Let’s take a closer look at how the diamond blade for angle grinder is used.

Choose The Right Cutting Machine

First choose the correct cutting machine, pay attention to the power, speed, rigidity, precision, etc. of the cutting machine. by using a suitable cutting machine can the performance of the ridgid metal cutting diamond blade be brought into full play, making the cutting process more comfortable and smooth.

Install The Diamond Saw Blade

Whether the diamond concrete saw blades are installed correctly and the installation accuracy are closely related to the cutting efficiency, cutting quality and service life of the saw blade. After installation, make sure that the saw blade runs smoothly and does not vibrate during the cutting process (except for the influence of the quality of the saw blade and the rigidity of the cutting machine).

(1) When installing the diamond angle grinder blade, first make sure that the cutting edge direction marked on the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main shaft of the cutting machine;

(2) To clean the contact surfaces of the saw blade installation hole, the cutting machine spindle and the flange, it is necessary to ensure that the contact between them is smooth and good;

(3) The diameter of the flange should be reasonably selected with the diameter of the saw blade. If the flange is too small, the end face of the saw blade will swing greatly when used. If the flange is too large, the hanging weight of the spindle will increase, which will also increase the runout and reduce the processing depth of the material.BSP manufacture 7 inch diamond blade for grinder and 4 1/2 angle grinder metal cutting blade and so on.

(4) After installation, the runout value of the diamond cutting disc angle grinder and flange must reach the specified value before it can be used.

Precautions For Using Diamond Saw Blades

  1. Precautions before use

(1) Please pay attention to protective measures, such as goggles, masks, gloves, etc., be sure to use a sawing machine with a protective cover.

(2) When installing the angle grinder saw blade, be sure to tighten the nut to prevent the saw blade from jumping during use.

(3) Please note that the installation direction is consistent with the direction of the cutting equipment.

(4) Clean the surface of the cutting equipment before use. Do not have steel bars, iron wires and items that are easily tangled, so as not to cause the saw blade to crack. If there are sundries and sundries during use, please clean them up in time.

  1. Precautions during use

The diamond blade for grinder will generate heat when cutting. In order to avoid the deformation of the saw blade and shorten the service life, please ensure the following cutting conditions when cutting:

(1) Sufficient water supply (water pressure greater than 0.1Mpa).

(2) The water pipe for water supply is in the cutting part of the saw blade.

(3) If the water supply is interrupted unexpectedly, please resume the water supply as soon as possible, otherwise it is recommended to suspend the cutting.

When the angle grinder concrete blade is cut, if there is a power failure or a failure of the cutting equipment, please stop the machine immediately and remove the diamond cutting disc for metal, otherwise the saw blade will be broken and damaged and cannot be used.


The above is about the use of tile blade for angle grinder. Hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, please contact the professional diamond tools supplier BSP Tools.


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