What Is a Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel


Diamond grinding cup wheels are one of the diamond tools, mainly suitable for surface grinding processing of various types of refractory materials. The grinding cup wheels has a specially designed tapered mounting hole structure for easy loading and unloading, with the advantages of good flatness, high grinding efficiency and long life, and can be used on all domestic and imported grinding machines.


  1. Process Of Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

The diamond grinding cup wheel is made by welding or cold pressing the diamond bit on the metal substrate; the diamond bit is sintered by cold pressing and hot pressing of artificial industrial diamond and other metal powders, and then welded on the bowl-shaped metal substrate.

  1. Application Of Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

Diamond grinding cup wheels are usually installed on concrete grinding machines to grind concrete, granite, marble and other stones. Angle grinder diamond grinding cup wheels are available in different types and sizes to meet different application needs, and are generally used for grinding concrete, stone, as well as paint, glue, epoxy and other floor coatings.

  1. How To Choose a Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond cup wheels cutter heads have different matrix, different particle size and different diamond concentration; turbo cup wheel matrix can be divided into hard, medium, soft, etc.; particle size is divided into coarse, medium, fine, etc.; so their quality and use are different; When we choose a diamond grinding wheel, we can choose the appropriate one according to our own use; for example, when we are grinding hard ground, we should choose a soft carcass 7 diamond cup wheel; if it is a relatively soft ground, we can choose a relatively Hard carcass. For ground grinding with different roughness, we should also choose a more appropriate particle size. Usually, for rough grinding, we should choose a softer carcass and a high-quality diamond cup grinding wheel, and the particle size can choose a large particle size. For example, 16#, 20# or 30/40# cup diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding. Choosing such a suitable turbo diamond cup wheel can increase the work efficiency; for fine grinding, we can also call it polishing. We can choose a 7 inch concrete grinding wheel with a hard carcass and fine particles. Such as 80# -120#, other finer particle sizes diamond turbo cup wheel can also be selected according to the needs of grinding.


The above is the basic introduction to diamond cup grinding wheel for concrete. If you have better insights, please leave a message on our BSP tool website-diamond cup wheel manufacturer. We are very happy to discuss the knowledge of 9 inch concrete grinding wheel with you.


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