Diamond Wire Saw For Profiling

To be widely used for granite and Marble block profiling, circular slabs cutting and special shape surface processing, with accurate size and nice appearance.

Remark: Other specification are available upon customers’ requirements.

Model No Specification
beads/m Fixed by Cutting Material Line speed
Cutting speed
GP88PS φ8.8
Soft Granite 25-30m/s 10-20m²/h 15-20m²/m
GP88PM Middle Hard Granite 25-30m/s 8-15m²/h 10-15m²/m
GP88PH Hard Granite 25-30m/s 7-10m²/h 7-10m²/m
MP88PS 33
Plastic Soft Marble 30-40m/s 20-30m²/h 30-40m²/m
MP88PM Middle Hard Marble 30-40m/s 15-25m²/h 25-35m²/m
MP88PH Hard Marble 30-40m/s 10-20m²/h 15-30m²/m

Wholesale diamond cutting wire for profiling directly from manufacturer:

BSP diamond wire saw for profiling, it is used in the stone factory to process the big stone block into different shape, such as rigidity marble profiling, Mid-rigidity marble profiling, hard rigidity marble profiling.

  • BSP diamond wire saws are widely used to process special shape marble surfaces and for multi wire machines to cut marble slabs
  • Diameter of beads  from 7.3mm to 8.8mm,  37/33bead per meter
  • For low rigidity marble , line speed 30-35m/s, cutting speed is 100-150㎡/h, wire life is 35-45㎡/m.
  • For Mid rigidity marble, line speed is 28-32m/s, cutting speed is 80-120㎡/h, wire life is 30-40㎡/m
  • For hard marble, line speed is 26-30m/s, cutting speed is 70-100㎡/h, wire life is 25-30㎡/m
  • Sample can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days.
  • Better tell us the power of your wire cutting motor and RPM request
  • Other specifications are available according to customer request.. 

After sales service:

We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty

  • Our warehouse people in Dubai and Austria can answer customer call immediately.
  • We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty
  • Spare parts can be sent either from factory in china or warehouse in Dubai and Austria