How to Select a Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete

A concrete diamond grinder is an indispensable tool for those in the home improvement and construction sectors.  It is important to know about the diamond grinding wheels and how to select the right grinding and polishing wheel for working on hard concrete.  This will help you to select the right diamond grinding wheel for a particular work and complete it the way you want.

If you are a person in the construction industry or a Do- it- yourself homeowner who wants to work with different materials like granite, concrete, marble, and field or hard stones then you should have a good concrete grinding machine.  You have to know more about the diamond grinding wheels that are available in the market so that you are able to find the one to your grinding machine and complete the work in an efficient manner.

How to select the right concrete grinding wheel

In the present days we have a variety of diamond grinding wheels in the market, and each has its own technical specifications. Each one will be suitable for a particular type of work and you need to find the exact grinding wheel that will be good for your particular type or work you want to do and the result you want to achieve.

Unless you are a professional frequently associated with the use of concrete grinding machines and the use of different types of diamond grinding wheels, it will be difficult for you to find out the right concrete diamond grinder wheel that is good for your use. There are many technical variations with which these concrete grinding wheels are manufactured and for making the right selection it is important that you possess at least a basic knowledge of the markings on the wheels and what they mean regarding the type of the concrete diamond grinder wheel.

 The wheel markings are in the form of long codes and you have to be able to interpret them and find the real meaning behind them to find the right diamond grinding wheel that is the best fit for your purpose. But at the same time you must be aware that no uniform standards are existing among the diamond wheel manufacturers and they use their own identifying codes on the wheels and hence the real wheel characters will change from manufacturer from manufacturer and you cannot select the wheel based on a standard wheel marking.

The marking on the concrete grinding wheels are made in such a way that they represent each of the unique characteristics of the wheel namely the grit type, grit size, wheel hardness, wheel structure and the bond used in the wheel etc. While identifying your diamond wheel you have to know they are classified by the shape, grit size, concentration and the bond used in the wheel.

For instance in a  concrete grinding wheel with marking : C1B2-86R100-B4- the  letters C1B2 gives the shape and structure of the diamond abrasive material used in the wheel,  86 represents the grit size, 100 represents the concentration of the diamond materials and the B4 gives the type of bond that is used in the wheel.

Once you are aware of this you will be able to find the right diamond grinding wheel that is good for the particular work you want to accomplish depending on the type of material on which you want to use the wheel and the type of work you want to complete.

When you want to cut a concrete structure or grind the surface of a hard concrete, you have to select the concrete diamond grinder wheel depending on the hardness of the concrete on which you are going to use the diamond grinding wheel. Once you have decided about the hardness of the concrete and if it is hard in nature then you have to select a soft diamond grinding wheel to complete the job in a better way.

Take care that the wheel you select for hard concrete surfaces also have large diamond sectors on the wheel so that the cutting and polishing performance is very good. When the bond   on the diamond grinding wheel is soft,  while doing cutting or polishing work the bond gives away easily exposing more of the abrasive diamond material to the working surface for better cutting and polishing results. As the size of the diamond particles are also bigger and placed closely on the wheel, it can easily cut through even the hardest of the concrete surfaces.

On the other hand, if the concrete you want to work is not so hard or soft in nature then you have to go for a diamond grinding wheel for concrete that is really hard and tough in nature. This is due to the fact that the resin or the bonding material holding diamond particles must be hard enough so that little amounts of diamond are exposed to the cutting or polishing surface and that will be enough to do the cutting or polishing thereby increasing the life of the concrete grinding wheel and completing the cutting and polishing with best and uniform results.

For doing hard and regular concrete grinding works select the concrete diamond grinder wheel that has high diamond hardness and soft resin bond like the ones that have 35 to 50 grits. If you need a perfect and accurate finishing as like flooring and other surface finishing works involving fine concrete grinding works select the wheels that have hard bonded diamonds for good precision in your work. You can go for the 80 to 120 grits which ensures that you have the highest concentration of diamonds on the wheel.

You may also like to take into account the type of grinding you want while selecting the grinding wheel.  Coarse grinding is possible with the diamond wheel that has very high diamond concentration that is constructed with a soft bonding structure.

On the other hand if you need fine grinding results then you should go for the concrete grinding wheels that have low diamond concentration with heavy bonding. This type of wheels is best suited for precisions grinding jobs where you have to achieve a higher level of surface consistency or precision of higher degree is needed in the grinding results. In these cases you have to go for diamond grit of 80 to 120.

 In the present times the diamond wheels for the concrete polishing machines are available in   varieties of differing sizes and flat disks cylinders, cups, and wheel shapes.

From the year 1940, when the diamond grinding wheels were first used on concrete surfaces these wheels are being used for various applications like grinding concrete pavements, floors and other structures made of concrete. To tackle each of these jobs now we have diamond grinding wheels and diamond cup wheels of different sizes, shapes, and toughness.  Pay close attention to the product specifications of the manufacturer while buying them.

 If you need professional guidance while selecting the right concrete grinding wheel do not hesitate to go for it as the entire result of the work is going to depend only on the concrete grinding machine wheel  you are going to use.

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