What is Diamond Wire Saw Used for?

A diamond wire saw is a type of wire saw that consists of a wire embedded with a diamond bead along its length. A diamond wire is wound around what is to be covered and attached to a number of pulleys, allowing the operator to cut to any depth or form the structure.

Concrete cutting systems are cutting and molding equipment designed for use in industrial scale environments. The arrangement of pulleys can be changed into a rectangle, a circle, or any other form of opening. It is essential to apply some lubricant or coolant in this step because the temperature of the concrete cutting system must be controlled. To prevent overheating, use water with a stable source.


Uses of Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire saws have been around for some time and were originally used in quarries to cut stone. On the other hand, these exhibitions have become an inevitable part of the construction industry. Diamond wire saws produce results when all other cutting methods fail due to the excessive size of the structure that must be cut or are limited by field conditions.

Before we go any further into the various cutting applications of a diamond wire saw, let’s briefly look at how it works.

Cutting of Concrete

Concrete cutting is the technique of cutting or shaping concrete using a diamond wire saw. This is a commonly used method for cutting large concrete structures such as bridge decks, highway apron and abutments.

Cutting of Marble and Granite

Marble is a metamorphic stone formed from calcite or dolomite. It is made by heating and compressing limestone or dolomite. Granite is a coarse-grained, light-colored igneous rock containing quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is the most widespread rock type on Earth.


Benefits of Diamond Wire Saw

  • Diamond wire saw is a very fast concrete cutting technology.
  • It can be used to cut in any direction, including curves and circles.
  • It’s a gentle, environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t leave any harmful residue on the surface. It does not produce the same amount of dust as other methods of cutting concrete.
  • The incision is clear, clean and painless. No broken edges.
  • From the moment the blade enters the wood until the moment it leaves, it leaves little waste behind.


Application of Diamond Wire Saw


There is no end to the work that diamond wire saws can accomplish in stone applications. They cut granite with ease.

Diamond wire saws are well known for cutting materials such as stone, masonry, reinforced concrete, rebar and steel embedded parts. It is one of the most precise cutting processes available today. Jigsaw is an excellent way to cut steel pipes; It can do a lot of things for water companies.

Jigsaw puzzles are one way to do this when cutting concrete that is particularly thick or of complex shapes. It can also be used to cut neatly with existing walls. For specific cutting needs, jigsaw puzzles are a good choice where previously only needle drills were available.

Diamond wire cutting is ideal for places with restricted access, such as bridge decks, where greater depth and faster cutting speeds are required, or for cutting beams and columns. Diamond wire saws offer the greatest degree of freedom of cutting (or the “parts” that must be cut) because there are few, if any, restrictions on the depth and size of the cut (or the “parts” that need to be cut).



Diamond wire saw is a versatile and efficient cutting technology that can be used in a variety of applications. It offers many benefits such as precise cutting, speed, and no mess or environmental impact. When it comes to complex cuts or narrow Spaces, BSP diamond wire saws are the best choice.


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