The types of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are the ultimate tool for cutting hard materials like stone, ceramic, concrete, asphalt, etc. Blades are made from a mixture of rhinestone particles and various powdered metals in precise amounts to create a strong bond. This mixture is suitable for construction and industrial applications. So how many types of diamond blades and cup wheels are there? How do you know?

  1. The types of Diamond Blades
  2. The types of Diamond cup wheels

Types of Diamond Blades

Segmented blade:

A segmented edge is also known as a dry cut blade because it is used with many dry cut applications. This blade also offers the coarsest cut of the three options, making it ideal for concrete, brick and limestone.

Turbo blade:

It is the blade of choice for faster cutting in wet or dry applications. Designed with a serrated edge, this blade is designed to quickly and smoothly cut through materials such as tile and natural stone. Use wet blades only when wet. A common operating error is to dry with a wet blade. “Wet blades should never be used dry,” says Scarfe. We often receive blades that have been fried because they haven’t been hosed down. It doesn’t take long for the friction of the concrete to burn the blade .

Continuous rim blade:

Continuous edge blades require water during the cutting process. This blade also offers the slowest, smoothest cut, making it perfect for marble, granite, and porcelain. Dry cutting with a blade that requires water can be dangerous, so it’s important to know when you can dry cut the material. If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, using dry cutting techniques can lead to the buildup of harmful silica dust, so be sure to always wear the correct respirator to protect yourself.


Types of Diamond Cup wheels

Single and double row segmented cup wheels with individual segments laser welded or hot melt silver solder applied. The double row cup wheel has diamond segments on the inner row that last longer than the single row and provide a smoother grind.

Turbo type is used for more precise grinding when a smoother surface is required. In addition, different grain size ranges allow the use of finer stone and building concrete.


Final Thoughts

As you know, Diamond blades and cup wheels is necessary for construction and industrial applications! So how to tell different diamond blades and cup wheels are very important for our customers. Also we will introduce you more in the next article! Any concerns, kindly feel free to contact BSP – Diamond Blades and Diamond cup wheels manufacturers, your best choice.



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