Several Production Technologies on Diamond Cutting Blades

Synthetic diamond was successfully synthesized in the United States for the first time in 1955, which laid the foundation for the manufacture and promotion of diamond tools. The machining efficiency is significantly higher than before. With its unparalleled performance advantages, diamond tools and diamond circular saw blade have become the only effective machining tools for hard and brittle non-metallic materials recognized today. What is a diamond saw blade used for? There is diamond saw blade for granite, for marble, for wood, for metal and diamond blade for concrete and so on. This article will introduce three technologies used on diamond saw blades.


Production Technology of Diamond Blades

factory of diamond saw blade

According to the process of diamond saw blades, it is mainly divided into three categories:


  • Sintered Diamond Saw Blades;
  • Welded Diamond Saw Blades;
  • Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades;


  1. Sintered Diamond Saw Blades

Sintered diamond saw blades are divided into cold-pressed and hot-pressed tablets. Here is the production process of disc sintered diamond saw blades :

  • Fully mix diamond powder and metal powder to make mixed metal powder.


  • Then put the mixed metal powder and alloy matrix into a specific mold for compression molding, In this way we get the preliminary diamond saw blade.


  • After the mold is pressed and formed, the formed diamond saw blade is put into a specific high-temperature sintering furnace. Different factories have different sintering furnaces to meet different requirements according to their needs.


  • After high temperature sintering, the diamond saw blade is initially formed, and then the surface treatment is carried out, the surface of the diamond saw blade is polished, and then the surface of the diamond saw blade is painted, which mainly plays the role of beauty and rust prevention.


  • After the above steps are completed, the qualified products need to be edged. This step is to enable the finished product to be directly applied and give a good terminal experience.


  • After re-inspection, the final product is packaged. Then go to the warehouse and wait for shipment.

It should be mentioned here that the only difference between the cold-pressed diamond saw blade and the hot-pressed diamond saw blade is whether pressure treatment is required during the high-temperature sintering process. This process can improve the quality of diamond particles and metal powder, tightness, improve overall life and stability, therefore, the cost of hot-pressed diamond saw blades is usually higher than that of cold-pressed diamond saw blade. And the normal cutter head is 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. You can choose different suitable products according to your needs.

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  1. Welded Diamond Saw Blades

Welding refers to the melting point below the weldment. After the solder and the weldment are heated to the melting temperature of the solder at the same time, the liquid solder is used to fill the gap of the solid workpiece to connect the metals. During brazing, the oxide film and oil stains on the contact surface of the base metal should be removed first, so that the capillary can play a role after the brazing filler metal is melted and increase the wettability and capillary fluidity of the brazing filler metal. According to the different melting points of the solder, brazing is divided into brazing and soldering.

Welded diamond saw blade are mainly divided into three categories:


  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blades;
  • High Frequency Welded Diamond Saw Blades;
  • Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades;


  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blades


The brazing deformation is small, the joints are smooth and beautiful, and it is suitable for welding precision, complex and components composed of different materials, such as honeycomb structure plates, turbine blades, carbide cutting tools and printed circuit boards. Before brazing, the workpiece must be carefully processed and strictly cleaned to remove oil stains and excessively thick oxide film to ensure the interface assembly gap. The gap is generally required to be between 0.01 and 0.1 mm. Brazing process: The workpieces that have been cleaned on the surface are assembled together in a lap joint pattern, and the solder is placed near or between the joint gaps. When the workpiece and the solder are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted), and is sucked in by capillary action and fills the gap between the solid workpieces. The liquid solder and the workpiece metal diffuse and dissolve with each other. A brazed joint is formed after condensation. BSP wholesale diamond blade.


  • Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades


In the whole production process of the brazed angle grinder diamond blades, the cutter head part is made separately, which is basically the same as the sintering process. After the cutter head is sintered and formed, the high temperature melting medium welds the cutter head and the substrate together, so as to achieve a good welding effect.

Principle of high-frequency welding: With the skin effect of high-frequency current, the high-frequency electric energy can be concentrated on the surface of the weldment, and the proximity effect can be used to control the position and range of the high-frequency current flow path. When the high-frequency current is required to be concentrated in a certain part of the weldment, as long as the conductor and the weldment form a current loop and the conductor is close to this part of the weldment, so that they form adjacent conductors to each other, this requirement can be achieved.


  • High Frequency Welded Diamond Saw Blades


High-frequency welding is based on the specific form and special requirements of the structure of the weldment, mainly using the skin effect and the proximity effect, so that the surface metal of the weldment to be welded can be rapidly heated to achieve welding. The production process of high-frequency welded diamond saw blades is exactly the same as that of brazed diamond saw blades, but the welding material used is not a metal medium, but through high-frequency induction.


  1. Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades

Electroplated diamond saw blade is to attach the blade powder to the substrate by electroplating. However, since 2012, the country has gradually canceled the production of electroplated diamond products, mainly because the pollution is quite serious. Therefore, most of the general market is currently dominated by sintered diamond saw blades, and some industrial and professional markets are dominated by welded blades. In terms of the overall cost, the cold-pressed diamond saw blade < hot-pressed diamond saw blade < high-frequency welded diamond saw blade < laser welded diamond saw blade



In a word, the stone industry and diamond tools industry in the 21st century have broad prospects. All diamond saw blades manufacturer should establish confidence, increase investment in science and technology, and make continuous improvement and innovation of products to adapt to the development of the market and create more brilliant performance. If you still have question, please contact BSP-diamond grinder blade suppliers.


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