How To Choose The Right Diamond Saw Blade According To The Material

Structure of Diamond Saw Blade

First of all, we need to know the structure of the angle grinder diamond saw blade, which is composed of a matrix and a segment, and the matrix is the main supporting part of the segment. The segment is the part that cuts during use. The reason why the segment can be used to cut is that it contains diamond particles.


Angle grinder concrete wheel can be used to cut marble, granite, tiles, floor, porcelain, concrete, asphalt, and other building materials. Therefore, in order to maximize the effect of saw blades, we have many choices of the blade. The most typical three are the :

  • segmented cutting blade
  • turbo blade
  • continuous rim blade.


  1. Segmented Blade

The cutting speed of the segmented blade is fast, and suitable for both dry and wet cutting methods. It is ideal for cutting concrete, granite, marble, etc. Its making process includes cold pressing, hot pressing, high frequency, and laser welded. It is a very commonly used saw blade. It is often used to asphalt cutting blade, reinforced concrete, and other materials.


  1. Turbo Blade

The second type is turbo blade, which have the characteristics of segmented blade and continuous rim blade. The surface of the turbo blade is continuously and evenly convex and concave in a turbine shape, which improves the cutting speed and prolongs the cutting life. Its making process includes cold pressing and hot pressing. It is also a very common type of blade. The holes on the surface of the diamond saw blade have the function of heat dissipation and dust removal.


  1. Continuous rim blade

The third type is the continuous rim blades, which are generally made by the sintering method. Water must be added to ensure the cutting effect. This is the characteristic of a continuous rim blade different from the other two blades. In addition, adding water during the cutting process can also play a role in cooling and dust removal. Its making process includes cold pressing and hot pressing. It is often used to cut ceramics, tiles, porcelain, and so on. For more information: how to cut concrete with angle grinder.



The above three tooth shapes can be used for dry cutting or wet cutting. The effect of wet cutting is better than that of dry cutting, but wet cutting will speed up the wear of the segment and shorten the cutting life of the saw blade. Therefore, when choosing an angle grinder diamond saw blade, it should be selected according to the cutting material and the actual situation of cutting, so as to maximize the cutting efficiency. Click Binic to get more information- one of the best concrete grinding wheel and diamond hand saw manufacturers.



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