How To Choose The Diamond Core Bits

There are a lot of core bits, we will teach you how to choose the correct diamond core bits .

diamond core drill bits for reinforced concrete

Regarding the reinforce concrete that we have the standard wet core bits, but need note the length (we will be according the length of hole to choose the length of core bits) ,Also we can add the connection length, if hilti machine, we have the hilti adaptors as well.

There are two material cobblestone and asphalt for concrete, if drill the small hole, need use the crown segment core bits (but not exceed the diameter and the length)

correct drill bit for brick

As this working condition, we will choose the dry core bits, as usual, the length is 150-300mm, no need add the water, so can reduce a lot of troubles, but use the dry core bits need noted as below :

Most of countries, the dry core bits are not used for impact of hammer, but in Germany, some company can provide which can bear impact dry core bit .

diamond drill bit for marble and granite

This is a very small core bit, as usual the diameter is …. .length is ….pls confirm the stone before use this core bits

There are dry and wet core bits, dry core bits can drill not very thickness stone block, the hardness is not very high. but the wet core bits can drill very hard stone, so the application is more widely .
In some furniture stone process application, for the special marble core bits which is used for CNC machine, this kind of core bits, the segments are more thickness.

drilling into tile or and glass

If drilling the hard tile, as usua , we will choose the vacuum brazed core bits ,that is according to tile hardness that the core bits can divided into wet core bits and dry core bits ,the diamond is exposed ,so which is very sharp, and high temperature resitance.

If drilling the glass hole, we often choose the electroplate glass core bits, during the working, must add the water, because the glass is very smooth, so need with the fixing position tools together working .

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