How Do Diamond Blades Cut And What Do They Be Use For

What is a diamond blade?

diamond blade is composed of a core or body of high precision steel with a mix of metal powder, diamond segments, and a resin bond that keeps it all together. The sizes and thus the hardness of the diamonds is designed with different concentrations, depending on the kind of blade, or in other words, depending on the material that it will cut. As diamond blades professional manufacturers, at SIMA we finish the product by putting it through a specific ther mic process that makes it highly resistant and durable.

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If you want to know everything about the main diamond saw blade uses and what a diamond cutting disc is used for, keep on reading.

What is a diamond blade used for?

Diamond blades are an investment. They are not the cheapest option in the market, but their great resistance, accuracy while cutting, and durability make them worthy. Diamonds are the hardest mineral, meaning that they will cut and grind any other material without tearing down.

So, what can a diamond blade cut? Here are some examples:

  • Concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Granite, slate and other natural stones
  • Bricks
  • Marbles
  • Glass
  • Tiles and pavers made of any of the previous materials

As you can see, diamond blades can cut through tough materials like stone. But you should also make sure that you are using the proper tools and machines like a tile saw or a masonry saw with the proper blade diameter.

How do diamond blades work?

As previously mentioned, in order to manufacture a professional-quality diamond saw blade, our experts at SIMA add several particles of different metal powder, such as iron, zinc, cobalt, and tungsten to a core of high-precision steel, and then we finish the product with a professional resin that makes the bond.

But keep in mind that even if it is a blade, it does not actually cut but grind. As explained above, diamond particles scratch every material until it goes all the way through it, meaning that it does not need sharp teeth that could be dangerous for the user but still work perfectly with hard materials.

Now you know what diamond blades are used for, and as you can see, diamond tip circular saw blades are part of essential equipment for DIYers and professionals in the construction industry.

Can you cut tile with a circular saw?

Affirmative, you can cut tile with a circular saw. But, how? Easy: You just need the proper blade, and the process of cutting tile is quite easy, but you need a high-quality diamond blade specially designed for tiles. You can check with our staff to get the proper one or find the information on the label.

A bench-mounted tile circular saw or a masonry saw would be perfect for cutting tile, but a circular saw can also do it. It is key that you respect the standard safety rules to proceed, then place the tile on the circular saw bench so that the blade follows your cutting mark and turn the saw on. While you are cutting, the blade should be covered by a water flow; if it is not, switch the machine off and find out what the problem is. Remember that cutting tile does not require applying too much pressure to the blade. You only need to control the blade through the cut, while the saw sets the guidelines.

The first thing you needto get is acircular saw tile blade, which is the same type of diamond blade that you would use on masonry saws and wet tile saws. It is key that you choose the right diameter of the blade for your saw, so, again, check the information on the label or ask for our help, our experts will be happy to help you.

The second factor you need to consider is that circular saws do not usually count with a water cooling system, making the process a bit tricky. If it is impossible for you to wet cut, dry cutting is an option, but it is absolutely necessary that you get a blade designed for dry cutting. And remember that your workplace shouldn’t be indoors or at least it should be well-ventilated. Always wear your protection gear such as a respirator mask and glasses to protect yourself from the dust cloud that dry cutting usually creates.



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