Professional Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Double row cup wheel

Double row cup wheels are an excellent and economical way to grind a variety of hard materials such as concrete,stone and masonry.

Size Description Grit
4″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
5″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
7″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120

Turbo cup wheel

Turbo Cup Wheels are fast grinding cup wheel and ideal for deliving a smooth finish.Performs light coatiing removal, concreteconcretecleaning/restonration,and leveing of uneven spots.Moreover,Turbo Cup Wheels,with theri ability to clean and smooth concrete prior to coating.

Size Description Grit
4″ 3pcs/9pcs/18pcs #25/30/40/80/120
5″ 3pcs/9pcs/18pcs #25/30/40/80/120
6″ 3pcs/9pcs/10pcs/18pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7″ 3pcs/9pcs/10pcs/18pcs/24pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Fan segment cup wheel

Fan segment cup wheel is suitable for Hilti DG150 G rinder. With special design, it has a good long life due to more diamond surface area.

Size Segment number Grit
5″ 5pcs/7pcs #25/30/40/80/120
6″ 5pcs/7pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7″ 8pcs/12pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Shallow dish cup wheell

Shallow disc cup wheels are mostly used for grinding and removal of Glue /Paint/Resin.

Size Segment number Grit
5″ 3pcs/6pcs/9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
6″ 3pcs/6pcs/9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7″ 3pcs/6pcs/9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
10″ 3pcs/6pcs/9pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Tornado segmented diamond cup wheel

Tornado segment for removing paint, thin Epoxy coatings and thin coatings of crystallingzed glue and mastic.

Size Segment number Grit
5″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
6″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
7″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
10″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150

Start Your Custom Order for Professional diamond cup wheel

BSP tools manufacture provide various kind of Professional diamond cup wheel in different girt size, so it can grinding the object from rough grinding to fine polishing, Both OEM and ODM are available.


OEM is 50pcs MOQ; ODM 200pcs MOQ

  • BSP tools supply professional diamond cup wheels for grinding machine like HTC or Husqvana.
  • BSP professional diamond cup wheels cover Double row diamond cup wheel, turbo diamond cup wheel, fan segmented cup wheel, shallow dish cup wheel, Tornado segmented diamond cup wheel.
  • BSP tools professional diamond cup wheel have soft bond for hard concrete, medium bond for average concrete, hard bond for soft concrete or coating and epoxy removal. Also diamond grit size is from 25# to 120#.
  • BSP tools professional diamond cup wheel with fewer segments offer faster,more aggressive grinding. Cup wheels with more segments provide smoother finishing and longer life.
  • Grey, black, white, red, blue and black are standard color. For other color need 100pcs MOQ according to customer RAL code.
  • Special segment size and shape are available according to customer request.
  • We offer wooden case, color box, white box and brown box and double blister card for customer package.
  • Sample can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days.
  • Better tell us the power of your machine power, RPM and grinding object if you have specific grinding or polishing request. 

After sales service:

We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty

  • Our warehouse people in Dubai and Austria can answer customer call immediately.
  • We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty
  • Spare parts can be sent either from factory in china or warehouse in Dubai and Austria