electric welding torch (machine)


BSP welding machine is widely used in PVC / PE / PP / PVDF and other plastic sheet, the pipeline site welding construction, is the plating tank, chemical tank, plastic pipe and other plastic welding the ideal tool. Hot air type plastic welding gun is a reliable and economical hand tool.

1.Small size, light weight, easy to operate with durable longevity;
2.Heating tube anti-hot shell;
3.Heating tube electronic protection system;
4.Ccurate temperature control, easy to carry with continuous operation;
5.Integrated design, comes with fan, and it often used in waterproofing membrane, impermeable liner construction site local repair welding.



Application: Household Appliances, Garden Supplies, Decoration, Commodity, Auto Part, Electronic, Toy, Auto Part, Electronic
Cooling Way: Air Cooling
Control: Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Frequency Range: Intermediate Frequency
Electric Current: AC
Style: Handheld