Diamond Saw Blade For Wood

In the production process of wooden furniture, all kinds of mechanical equipment are used. Among them, all kinds of knives on the machine are directly in contact with wood and play the role of cutting or milling. If you want to use all kinds of machinery well, you must first understand the tools such as the diamond saw blade used in processing.

1. Sawing

saw blade

Sawing is an important process in furniture production. Whether it is a panel or solid wood furniture, it must first be cut. This is inseparable from a variety of cutting equipment and diamond saw blades. Processing has an important influence, so it is also very important to know the saw blade and understand how to use and maintain it.

2. The shapes of diamond saw blade for wood

saw blade for wood cutting

There are many different tooth shapes for woodworking saw blades. Commonly used tooth shapes include left and right teeth, flat teeth, ladder flat teeth, inverted trapezoidal teeth, dovetail teeth, and rare industrial grade three left and one right, left and right flat teeth Wait. Among them, the left and right teeth are the most widely used, the cutting speed is fast, and the grinding is relatively simple. It is suitable for cutting and cross-sawing various soft and hard solid wood profiles and density boards, multi-layer boards, particle boards, etc.

3. Characteristics of different shapes of diamond saw blade for wood

diffent kinds of saw blade

Left and right saw blades with negative rake angles are usually used for sawing veneers due to their sharp teeth and good cutting quality. Ladder flat tooth is a combination of trapezoidal tooth and flat tooth. It is more complicated to grind. It can reduce the phenomenon of veneer cracking during sawing. It is suitable for sawing all kinds of single and double veneer wood-based panels and fireproof boards.

Inverted ladder teeth are often used in the bottom groove saw blade of the panel saw. When sawing double veneer wood-based panels, the groove saw adjusts the thickness to complete the groove on the bottom surface, and then the main saw completes the sawing process of the board to prevent sawing. Mouth chipping occurs. The flat tooth saw edge is rough, the cutting speed is slow, and the grinding is the easiest. It is mainly used for sawing of ordinary wood with low cost, or for slotting saw blades to keep the bottom of the slot flat.

Therefore, when choosing the shape of the diamond saw blade, it should be selected according to the specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article could help you understand the diamond saw blade for wood used in processing. We are BSP- a professional diamond saw blade manufacturer, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!


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