Diamond Core Drill Bits manufacturer

BSP tools involved in diamond core drill bits manufacture from 2006, we specialize in the manufacture of wet diamond core drill bits, dry diamond core drill bits, crown diamond core drill bits, diamond core drill for granite & marble, diamond core drill machines and accessories. Diamond segment for concrete core drill bit Re-tipping is also available for wholesale.

diamond core drill bit for wet use

Wet diamond core drill bit are designed for drilling hard masonry, brick, block and concrete wall. If you want to buy wet concrete core drill bit in bulk directly from manufacturer, contact us now.

Assembly diamond core drill bits without core drill retipping

Are you tired of core bit retipping? you could try our assembly diamond core drill. Without waisting time to re tip a used core drill, it’s a breeze to replace a drilling head.

Crown diamond core bits for concrete

The diamond crown core drill are mainly used for small hole but very clean cut. It is used to plant the steel bar. BSP provide profeesional diamond crown core bits from 12mm to 52mm.

dry core bits for concrete drilling

Best dry diamond core drill bit andcore drill set for concrete drilling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Diamond segment for core drill re-tipping

whether your drills are from BSPtools or other diamond drill manufacturers, we could provide various diamond segments for core drill retipping

tile and stone drill bit

Mainly used for drilling holes on stone and tile. Can be dry drilling or with water.                                                                                                                                        

concrete cutting machine wholesale

Best concrete core drilling machines for sale at affordable price. Perfect tool for drilling concrete walls.

Accessories for diamond core drill bit and HILTI core drill machine adapters

it includes diamond core bits adapter, brazing magnet and various accessories for helping drilling work.

Magnet holder for core bit retipping

The retipping magnet are made of  strong N35EH neodymium magnet with strong  magnitizm but also high resistance for heat. 

Wholesale core drill directly from diamond core bit manufacturers

BSP diamond core drilling tools manufacturer produce different type of diamond drill bits for stone and construction market. 

We can drill reinforcement concrete, granite, marble, hard bricks, hard tiles even steel and glass. Widely used in angle grinder, drilling machine, electrical drill and hydraulic equipment.

At BSP tools, You can buy concrete coring tools in bulk or ask for a custom order. Both OEM and ODM are available.
If you are interested in diamond core drill wholesale business, the best choice to earn more is sourcing directly from a diamond core bit manufacturer, you can contact our sale department to get the best core drill bits distribution proposals.


Custom Items
  • We have standard color covering red, orange, black, white blue and Grey. Other color are also available according to customer RAL code. But need minimum quantity 50pcs
  • Special overall Length and diameter of diamond core bits are available according to customer request.
  • Special segment sizes and shape are available according to customer request.
  • Sample can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days.
  • Better tell us the power of your drilling motor/hand held drilling machine/angle grinder and RPM request.
Minimum Order Quantity
  • MOQ for OEM customers: 50pcs.
  • MOQ for ODM customers: 100pcs.
Diamond Core Drill Bit Sizes Bsptools Manufacture
  • Diamond core drill bits for reinforcement concrete sizes: 10mm – 1000mm
  • Diamond crown core bits sizes : 12mm-52mm
  • Diamond core drill extension and adapter, especially we can supply Hilti adapter
  • Diamond Dry core drill bits sizes: 25mm-127mm, 165mm length
  • Tubular dry core bits for Brazil market
  • Sizes of Dry diamond core drill bits for Germany market : 68mm and 82mm
  • Different dry diamond core adapter and pilot drill
  • Sizes of Wet diamond core drill bits for granite : 10mm-45mm
  • Sizes of dry diamond core drill bits for granite : 10mm – 45mm
  • Sizes of CNC diamond core drill bits for stone : 12mm-50mm
  • Sizes of Vacuum brazed core bit for tile and ceramic: 6mm-35mm
  • Sizes of Electric plated core bits for glass and soft tile: 10mm-51mm
  • Diamond core drill segments for re-tipping from 25mm to 300mm
  • Roof top diamond core drill segment
  • Turbo diamond core drill segment
  • V shape diamond core drill segment
  • Re tipping magnet
  • Diamond crown segment

After sales service:

We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty

  • Our warehouse people in Dubai and Austria can answer customer call immediately.
  • We provide customer minimum 2 years warranty
  • Spare parts can be sent either from factory in china or warehouse in Dubai and Austria