Can diamond saw blades be used to cut ceramics?

Diamond saw blade. Doesn’t the name sound fancy? In the world of tile cutting, there’s nothing stronger than a diamond blade. These blades are ideal for cutting tile, glass, concrete and porcelain, and are capable of cutting in wet or dry conditions. They are usually made of stainless steel and have diamond fragments adhered to the blade.

Typically, a diamond blade is used to make a cleaner cut when more diamond fragments are exposed. As the use of the blade wears down the pieces, the cutting becomes less clean and precise.

When cutting tile, the key to a perfect fit, regardless of the material, is a clean, precise cut. Experienced contractors will have a clear understanding of when and when not to use a diamond saw blade.

The quality of the ceramic saw blade can even determine the finished ceramic tile. Why is diamond saw blade suitable for cutting ceramics? What are the advantages of diamond saw blade? Let’s learn about it.


1. What characteristics do ceramic saw blades need?

  • The name of diamond saw blade is commonly used. Diamond saw blade is a kind of cutting tool, widely used in concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. The quality of the processing depends on the skill of the machining personnel, and also depends on the quality of the diamond saw blade. Stone saw blade generally has two kinds of dry cutting and wet cutting. Ceramic tile cutting pieces are not suitable for stone, such as marble and granite have their own special cutting pieces.
  • Saw ceramic tiles are mainly corrugated pieces, which can also be directly called ceramic tile cutting pieces or ceramic cutting pieces. Secondly, when buying, you can explain the cutting effect you need with the shop, such as the sharpness requirement not to break the porcelain, or durable and so on
  • Diamond blades are generally used to cut ceramic tiles. Because diamond is hard, the hardness of ordinary blades is generally less than that of ceramic tiles, so the ceramic tiles can not be cut with ordinary blades. Therefore, diamond blades should be used when cutting ceramic tiles, which can not only cut ceramic tiles, but also cut ceramic tiles neatly. Moreover, diamond blades are cheap and labor efficient, so they are the perfect choice for cutting ceramic tiles. Diamond blades are usually available at hardware stores.

2. Why is it used to cut ceramics?

Diamond saw blade is generally composed of matrix and tool head. The matrix is generally not damaged, and the tool head needs to be replaced frequently due to the high frequency of use. But diamond is so hard that it won’t be damaged when you cut the tile. Therefore, it has high practicability and overall cost performance. Generally speaking, diamond saw blades are used for cutting hard materials, such as concrete, stone, ceramics and so on. It also provides maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy duty cutting and sawing operations.


3. How to use diamond saw blade correctly?

  • Hold the handle of the tile cutter with one hand, pull the slide seat to the back seat, and lay this flat on the bottom plate. The front section of the tile needs to rely on the bottom seam;
  • Put down the handle, make the knife wheel contact with the tile surface, push the handle forward, make the knife wheel cut a continuous and uniform straight line on the tile surface;
  • Press the handle and lift it back slightly, press the handle down with appropriate force, and the tile will be broken along the line;
  • The line should be uniform, continuous and clear from beginning to end.


Final Thoughts

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